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Automotive Fluids

Amalie Imperial 10W-30

Amalie Imperial Turbo Formula Motor Oils are the oils that made Amalie famous! In the early 1950s ...

MOC Cooling-System Treatment

Suitable for all cooling systems. Prevents rust and corrosion. Lubricates water ...

MOC Premium Fuel Guard

Alcohol-free formula removes moisture from the fuel. Cleans fuel system deposits and removes tank ...

Amalie Synthetic Manual Transmission GL-1

Amalie Synthetic Manual Transmission GL-1 SAE 50 oil is recommended for use in trucks and busses ...

Amalie XLO Ultimate Full Synthetic 5W-40

Amalie XLO Ultimate Full-Synthetic 5W40 Motor Oil are new high performance diesel engine oils ...

Amalie All-Weather Hydraulic Oils

Amalie All-Weather Hydraulic Oils contain EP agents and chemical components to control wear, ...

Amalie Pro Two-Cycle TC-W3® RL

Amalie Pro Two-Cycle TC-W3® RL oil provides the highest level of protection for high performance, ...

Transport Universal 303 Tractor Hydraulic Fluid

A new and much improved universal tractor fluid that has world-wide credentials.

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